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maybe one day we'll have dreams too.
11 September 2025 @ 04:53 pm

journal bylines;

♥ keep an open mind. this is a no-brainer.

♥ you can add me, but don't expect me to add you back unless we know each other pretty well or I'm comfortable with you seeing my entries.

♥ know how to spell, please. :(

♥ if you're here for the art, well there isn't any here. go over to allthempunks.

♥ if I comment-disable it means I'm freaked out/pissed off and I don't want to hear what anyone else thinks.

♥ i want a dog.

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maybe one day we'll have dreams too.
21 June 2013 @ 11:53 pm
I do draw for other people for a fee, so if you're one of those willing to, here's the info on it!

What do you draw?
I'm more of an anime/manga-style artist than anything else. My strengths are in black/white pieces, monochrome colors and simple shading. I am also not the best choice for mecha-type or anthro-type art; go find someone else for those. I am also not going to draw anything explicitly sexual, though suggestive themes are welcome.

How much do you charge?

Under this cut.Collapse )

Comment here if you're interested, or email me at kidcorva[AT]yahoo[DOT]com! That's pretty much it. 8D